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Business Development



Consulting and asset development.

Listen. Design. Create. Implement. Optimize.

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Taking a new professional service offering from 0$ to $1.68M in recurring revenue in 17 months through Business Development and PR campaigns. Focusing on brand positioning, building strategic industry relationships, and personality development. Read More...


Jenkins Studio helps the ElektraFi team grow the business from an idea to over 750K of revenue annually. Jenkins Studio was responsible for all Business Development, Sales, and Marketing Efforts. Designing, creating, implementing, and optimizing everything to drive sales and brand positioning. Read More...


Jenkins Studio helps law firms generate content and develop marketing strategies that bring a more, relatable, human side to the firm. Read More...

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Jenkins Studio helps Phileo Physical Therapy solve their biggest problem—long-term recurring clients. Jenkins Studio develops a new line of service and develops a PR strategy that preps the target demographic to understand this groundbreaking service.  Read More...

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