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Solving The Rural Internet Problem


Denver, CO

Long-term project - Business Development. Marketing, and Sales

Quick Summary

Jenkins Studio helps the ElektraFi team grow the business from an idea to over 750K of revenue annually. Jenkins Studio was responsible for all Business Development, Sales, and Marketing Efforts. Designing, creating, implementing, and optimizing everything to drive sales and brand positioning.


ElektraFi needed Jenkins Studio to help grow their company from an idea to a household name in Rural communities. What ElektraFi does: brings brand new wireless technology that delivers near gigabit speeds to Rural America. Faster construction than fiber and speeds faster than 400Mbps. After three months of construction, and then once the lights are on, anyone in that town can now receive reliable internet. 


Jenkins Studio Was Responsible For:


  • Complete rebrand of ElektraFi

  • Design and Implement their GTM Strategy

  • Brand Positioning Strategy

  • Identify and cultivate cross-promotion relationships across two regions, including  22 rural towns in Texas and Colorado.

  • Conduct market research and competitive intelligence for the 22 towns across two states

  • Create, develop, and deploy all physical and digital advertising

  • Create all content and marketing materials

  • Responsible for community engagement events in 22 towns

  • Strategic relationship-building with associations, chambers, and influencers

  • Identify new marketing channels and optimize existing marketing channels

  • Website development, optimization, and content creation

  • Developed and deployed digital marketing campaigns

  • Creation of a sales strategy

  • Establishing retail kiosks relationships and locations


Asset Creation


  • Door-to-door materials and uniforms

  • Door-to-door

  • Training materials

  • Cold-call scripts and funnel processes

  • Retail kiosk materials (banners, hand-outs)

  • Business Cards


  • Jingle Creation

  • Complete Rebrand

  • Website (SEO, Graphics, Copy, Education Content)

  • Digital Ads

  • Physical Ads (radio, newspaper, directories, billboards)

  • PPC Ads (managing and optimizing)

  • Social Media content

  • Physical materials (flyers, posters, etc)

  • Mailers (lead collection, qualification, graphics, distribution)

  • Event materials

  • Pop-up booth design 

  • Video and Photo needs

In order to position ElektraFi as the better option for internet in rural towns. A massive rebrand was needed as well as years worth of asset development. All digital and physical ads, as well as sales materials, where created by Jenkins.Studio


From This

To This


Building Strategic Relationships - Influencers and Key Retail Spaces

As part of Jenkins.Studio's PR campaign for ElektraFi. Jenkins.Studio was responsible for calling and negotiating marketing deals with key retail spaces in 22 towns. Once we identified a strategic partner. We then talked with them about how they could help their community by spreading the word about ElektraFi, a better internet option. We then placed banners, posters, and other marketing materials at key retail locations that town influencers owned; aiming to leverage the associative technique for ElektraFi, attaching the ElektraFi brand with vetted influencers that had a positive effect on their town, we successfully associated the ElektraFi brand with the positive emotions the community has toward this influencer.


Advertising/Jingle Creation

Jenkins.Studio managed all radio, digital, and physical ad campaigns for ElektraFi. From strategy and development of every ad and producing the ElektraFi jingle, to managing its budget/performance and ROI. Below are a few examples of the ads we ran for different demographics.

Distribution: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram

Demographic: General

Age Range: 22-60

Gender: Male/Female

Distribution: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram

Demographic: Gamers, IT/Tech

Age Range: 22-45

Gender: Male

Distribution: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram

Demographic: Families, Grandparents

Age: 25-60+

Gender: Male/Female

Customer Leave Behinds/Lawn Sign Advertising Campaigns

Jenkins.Studio was responsible for all marketing and sales materials. This included customer referral programs, leave-behind packets for new installations, and training installers to convince customers to promote ElektraFi with a yard sign. We saw an 80% conversion rate for yard signs and a 60% referral rate from our promotional material—all tracked from our discount codes for each customer.

We then asked installers to take photos of every yard sign they were allowed to place at our customer's houses, we then re-used this asset for promtional materials as well as content for social media posts.


Postcard Campaigns Backed By Ad Data

We used data we gathered from all of our advertising and determined which copy had the highest success rate, then re-used that copy for our postcard run. We deployed a two-pronged postcard campaign that became one of the pillars of our lead generation strategy. Warm leads, and cold leads, received different postcards. Warm leads were collected from the website we developed for ElektraFi. These leads volunteered their names and addresses because we designed the website for lead capture and speedy checkout. The other demographic data was collected by a geographic radius and general USPS mailing systems.

Below is an example of the postcard with the highest conversion rate. 

1postcardleavebehind2022_general_buckle up_front.png
postcards2022_general_We're Local_Back.png
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