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Preventative Therapy

Phileo PT

Oklahoma City, OK

Long-term project - Marketing, Business Development, PR, Optimizing Operations

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Quick Summary

Phileo Physical Therapy was in search of a pseudo-business partner with strengths in public relations—introducing a new product to a new market—and specialization in optimizing operations and revenue generation. Having operated in the health industry for some time, Phileo often encountered the challenge typical of physical therapy practices, how to gain long-term recurring customers: patients typically visit only once and do not return, either because they are fully healed or due to other reasons. To address this, Jenkins Studio consulted with the Phileo team and recommended a long-term public relations project to familiarize the local Oklahoma community with the concept of 'Preventative PT.' 


The Strategy:

  • The goal was to establish a recurring revenue stream through a new, contracted line of service offered 3-7 times a month, with a varying pricing structure, encouraging long-term relationships and educating the target demographic on the benefits of this approach, particularly the advantages of proceeding without insurance—a significant challenge given the prevailing perceptions about physical therapy clinics.

    • Designed to attract specific clients who would visit regularly before injuries occur, similar to routine dental check-ups.

    • Target clients would include adult athletes needing to address imbalances, parents wanting to play safely with their children, and CrossFit-like enthusiasts requiring additional training to navigate injuries


Jenkins Studio Monthly Responsibilities 

Public Relations and Marketing Strategy

  • Develop Social Media Strategies and Execution

    • Post schedule

    • Identify and regularly post in targeted FB groups​

      • Content creation schedule (giving Phileo enough content to grab from the shared drive for 3 months)

      • Graphics

      • Copy topics

      • Photo/Video

      • Customer Testimonial (Photos and Videos)

  • Conduct and implement a customer feedback survey strategy

  • Event Discovery and Coordination

    • Identify and get into events that promote the brand amongst our target demographic​

    • Lead generation and follow-up strategy

  • Marketing Material Leave-Behind Strategy

    • Identify which gyms and other local locations Phileo should drop off a leave-behind​

    • Develop leave-behind

      • Copy and Graphics​


Business Development Strategy

  • Consult on professional services offering and give up-to-date data on current demographic trends

  • ​Cross-Promotion Strategy

    • Identify who and how Phileo can collaborate with other influencers at a cheap rate

  • Identify and sign up for targeted networking groups

  • Develop a referral system with other PTs, Chiropractors, and others in the local health industry


Optimizing Operations

  • Develop a mindmap of day-to-day operations and sales funnel, so CEO has a visual roadmap of his business

  • Consult on backend operations

    • Give up-to-date data on current demographic wants and pain points through constant education on our industries

    • Listen to office feedback and give CEO data on how to streamline day-to-day operations and decrease customer friction

Phileo Physical Therapy needed a one-stop shop partner to develop strategies as well as support in getting the tasks done—preparing a market to receive a new service line and utilizing our strengths in public relations to generate revenue. 



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