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Pivoting Your Professional Services Offering


Denver, CO

Long-term project - Business Development. Marketing, and Sales


Quick Summary

Jenkins Studio helps SkyHelm pivot from IT Consulting to its new cybersecurity service to a brand new industry. Going from 0$ revenue stream to $1.68M in annual recurring revenue through Business Development and PR campaigns. Focusing on brand positioning, building strategic industry relationships, and personality development and marketing.


2020 released some bad luck for a lot of companies, and SkyHelm was one of them. At the time SkyHelm’s professional services consisted of IT Consulting to businesses, and their clients were simply closing the doors or tightening their budgets. In December 2020, Jenkins Studio was tasked with helping SkyHelm find new revenue streams, specifically their brand new product TITAN, cybersecurity for critical infrastructure. Our runway was three months or SkyHelm would have to start downsizing by 60%.


This was a 911 call, and there was no room for errors. Jenkins Studio was in charge of all Business and Product Development, Sales, PR, and Marketing. Specifically handling brand positioning, strategic partnerships, and the development of an education program that generated new qualified leads. 


By working with the SkyHelm team and the limited resources they had, Jenkins Studio was able to:


  • Devise and execute SkyHelm's GTM strategy for TITAN, their new professional services cybersecurity offering.

  • Innovate new sales & marketing processes, leading to $1.68M in annual recurring revenue within 17 months.

  • Enhanced brand positioning through strategic relationships and PR campaigns.

  • Established SkyHelm and its Cybersecurity Architects as industry authorities. Building the brand through building personalities.

  • Increased public speaking engagements for SkyHelm from one to 20 annually and increased tradeshow participation to 30 per year.

  • Formed strategic alliances with community organizations and associations for inbound sales and speaking opportunities.

  • Raised SkyHelm’s brand profile and recognition of individual cybersecurity architects.

  • Conducted business development and competitive analysis of cybersecurity products in the critical infrastructure sector.

  • Organized events and tradeshows, optimizing brand visibility and generating valuable leads.

  • Directed website development and optimization, improving user experience, web traffic, and conversion rates.

  • Authored all SkyHelm’s marketing and promotional content.

  • Oversaw sponsorship tracking and monitoring to gauge ROI.

  • Crafted training programs to enhance sales and revenue.

  • Introduced new lead qualification strategies.

  • Event creation, coordination, and management

  • Synchronized marketing campaigns with sales objectives to enhance revenue generation.

  • Led sales and marketing of SkyHelm's TITAN in 22 states, achieving a 246% revenue surge.

  • Conducted over 1500 cold calls and developed the cold call strategy

  • Generated 400+ high-value leads via effective lead-gen strategies.


Asset Creation:


  • Customer and client presentations

  • Competitive analysis presentations and communication

  • Leave behinds (one-pager, etc.)

  • Business cards 


  • Booth design and setup

  • Creation of booth materials

  • Creation of training materials

  • Lead capture materials

  • SWAG and giveaways


  • Rebrand of logos and color themes

  • Website redesign and asset

  • All physical materials like postcards, handouts, etc

  • Filming, directing, and producing training and Education videos for lead generation

  • PPC Ads

  • Social Media

  • Lead Gifts

  • Photography needs

  • Directory Ads

At A Glance:

In order to position SkyHelm as an industry expert, a slight rebrand was needed to establish a more serious, trusting, emotional connection with the critical infrastructure industry. The assets that we created were associated with their military backgrounds and communicated seriousness and an "anti-whimsical" tone. The sales and training materials' design and tone closely emulated government documents.

Below is what we can show you without breaking client confidentially. 

From This


To This


Marketing materials followed a simple rule of duotone photos as not to require a lot of graphic design work. Decreasing spend on budget and increasing efficiency. 

Copy of 816119_SkyHelmLinkedInCover_091120.png

Communicating and Implementing

Below is just an image from the Marketing and Sales Strategy workable presentation. To keep in line with confidentiality, this is all we can show. But each block can be double-clicked and zoomed in on to show action items and strategies that pertain to each department. Links, cost, and direction are all in one place, showing the bigger picture but able to show the fine details of how each department will achieve its goals.

SkyHelm Prezi.png
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