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Founded in 2015 by Austin Jenkins, Jenkins Studio specializes in filling a Marketing or Business Development need. Austin is an innovative, seasoned, multi-disciplined professional experienced in marketing, sales, and business development roles within the private equity industry, specifically incubator-holding companies. Austin was the guy to start it up, solve a problem, and make it profitable! Austin specializes in learning and digesting new industries, allowing him to quickly understand pain points and identify strategies for business development opportunities. Austin managed entire marketing and business development functions, excelling in brand/personality positioning via strategic relationships and marketing campaigns, competitive analysis, and analytics to deliver results that aligned with business objectives. Austin enjoys working on special projects and building lasting relationships with clients. While acknowledging the allure of the initial "butterfly phase" common in marketing firms, Austin remains undistracted, driven even more by the satisfaction of task completion and project follow-through.

Austin's corporate accomplishments include his work at Moonshot Group. Developing his skills with B2B and B2C sales, marketing, and business development.

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